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Walk-Through of Rehab in Middle Island NY


Jeremiah Dalton: 00:05  All right. We’re standing outside another flip that we’re doing that is right in the middle stages of the rehab. You can see, redid the roof, redid the siding, redid the windows. We picked a green siding to go with the preexisting stone. What I wanted to mention with this property is the importance of having the right team members in place.

Jeremiah Dalton: 00:26  This was a house that was actually under contract with another investor, and he was looking to wholesale. And if you know what wholesaling is, basically somebody gets the property under contract and then they flip the contract, either to potentially a retail buyer or an investor such as myself. Having the right people on your team though is so key. I was able to make a call to the broker that I typically work with, Jason Sorli. We’re in Middle Island. Nobody knows Middle Island. Nobody sells more in Middle Island than Jason. I was able to make one quick phone call and say, “Jason, does this property make sense or not?” He said, “Yes, it absolutely makes sense.”

Jeremiah Dalton: 01:01  On the flip side, no pun intended, as we were rehabbing it because he works with so many people, so many buyers in the area, through his contacts he was able to actually bring a buyer that’s now under contract for this property so that makes the whole process much smoother, much quicker. I gotta give a shout out to my man Jason because he was able to not only advise me to buy the property in the first place, but then brought a well-qualified buyer so we can get in and out of this deal very, very quickly;

Jeremiah Dalton: 01:28   Let me take you over to the backyard because the backyard, honestly, that’s really the showstopper. This is a real selling point. If any of you guys follow me, Suffolk County House Buyers on Facebook or The Flip Fanatic on Instagram, you’ll see I’ve highlighted this before, but this is your backyard. This 1.7 acres. That’s the real selling point here. You don’t really see properties of this size in this area. I’ve said that before. With 1.7 acres actually, you’re able to have legally up to six horses. I think for an acre you have two horses, acre-and-a-half six, and then for two acres you can have up to eight horses. That’s not something you’re gonna see in this price range so it’s a huge, huge benefit.

Jeremiah Dalton: 02:17  In the back you could see we kind of went with an earthy green siding and roof just because it has a very country feel to it. A lot of flippers have the same look over and over, and I get that. You wanna create systems. But sometimes you need to adjust depending on what the property is to fit the motif so to speak.

Jeremiah Dalton: 02:35   Let me take you inside, and I’ll show you where we’re at. We’re inside the house, and like I said before, we’re smack dab in the middle of the rehab. We’re gonna show you properties that are in the very beginning, show you properties that are finished. This one falls right in the middle.

Jeremiah Dalton: 02:53  In this house what we’re gonna do is we’re trying to preserve some of the older elements. If you look over there, you got the old radiators. Those put out so much heat. Whenever you’re flipping, people want new and I get that. But whenever you have an old element that you just can’t find anymore, you do what you can to keep that.

Jeremiah Dalton:  03:11   Let me give you a little bit of a tour. The guy’s starting to trim out the house. If you look up, you see the wires hanging down. We’re gonna add high hats to brighten up the place. This actually wasn’t here before. We opened this up so it just gives it more of an open feel. In here, we’re gonna be putting hardwood floors down here, so we’re gonna have all hardwood floors pretty much all throughout. But this is gonna be our kitchen area. We’ve pretty much prepped this, ready for cabinets.

Jeremiah Dalton:  03:40   Let me take you over through into the bedrooms. Obviously, this goes without saying. Whenever you have hardwood floors, if they’re in great shape you refinish them because nobody likes houses with regular carpet or even laminate floors if they can get hardwood floors.

Jeremiah Dalton:   03:57   Let me show you in here. We got a bathroom in here. We’re gonna tile this tomorrow. As you can see, I saved the old tile on the floor, but that tile it’s basically the equivalent of a mud floor, so we’re gonna tile right over that. It’s gonna create a strong surface so the tile doesn’t crack. We should be tiling this tomorrow.

Jeremiah Dalton:  04:15   We’ve got our bedrooms here. Again, nothing crazy. Three good sized bedrooms. I think me personally, if I want a bedroom, I want it here ’cause I wanna be able to look outside and see that property. This is gonna be your master bedroom. We obviously have a lot more trim to do, caulking, place the light fixture up here, refinish the floor, redo the interior of the closet, put up our closet doors. But, most part this is gonna be a master bedroom. It doesn’t give you the view of the backyard, but it is the largest room so I would imagine that the buyers who are under contract are gonna use this as their master. And then you got two good sized bedrooms. One and two right there.

Jeremiah Dalton:  05:06   And that’s about it. There is a basement. It’s not well lit so I’m not gonna take you down there. But, like I said, the value in this property is the land. As I wanted to say before, having the right people on your team who can analyze and assess values for you, you cannot discount the value of that.

Jeremiah Dalton:  05:28  Having the right people on my team is what’s helped me do this on a higher level.

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