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Walk-through of Rehab in Coram NY


Jeremiah Dalton: 00:05 All right, we’re standing outside a project we just started. Now, we picked up this property a little bit over a month ago. It was actually a foreclosed property which typically I don’t buy just because from a financial standpoint, there’s so much competition with buying foreclosures that it just doesn’t make sense. But here the numbers worked. The only caveat was there was somebody living in the house, but we were able to come to a mutual arrangement where we helped him find a new place to relocate, and in exchange, he was able to vacate the property in 30 days. That doesn’t happen often. Typically, it’s the opposite. But like I said, we got very lucky here.

Jeremiah Dalton: 00:39  Anyway, siding has been ripped off. In the back, we saw the residing. I’ll take you out back and you could see that. We redid the roof. We’ll start the windows probably in the next day or two.

Jeremiah Dalton: 00:50  Let me take you on back and I could show you what we got going on there. It’s a bit of a war zone in the backyard, just because of all the work going on, all the junk that was left behind. But nonetheless, it’s all pretty much part of the whole process.

Jeremiah Dalton: 01:05  We got to demo those sheds. Those aren’t permitted. This we’re actually going to get permitted, so we’re going re-roof it, reside it, change the garage door, but that actually has a permit from decades ago that we’re going to have the town reissue.

Jeremiah Dalton: 01:21  We just started doing the siding here. Picked a beige color. You try to pick neutral colors for the most part. I like bold colors, but not every buyer does, so you try to appeal to the masses as much as you can. But we’ll probably have this house sided within another day or two. The roof is already done. And then we’ll start going gangbusters on the inside. We have the demo work done as you’ll see in a little bit. But for the most part, the outside is just a day or two away. Why don’t you come on inside and I’ll show you the rest.

Jeremiah Dalton: 01:51  All right, we’re inside of the house now. As you could see, it needs a lot of work. The truth be told … we’ve dealt with a lot worse … but that said, it’s a decent size house. Whenever you got a good size house, the cost of the rehab is always going to be more just because more material, more labor, et cetera.

Jeremiah Dalton: 02:09  One of the big things here is we’ve got this wall. Originally, if you look down there, there was actually a closet area there. What we did was we took that out. We exposed this wall. We’ve got this piping here that we’re going to condense, make a column out of it. We’re going to put an island somewhere in this vicinity with the column right through the island, and we’re going to open up the space, create a big open concept. That’s the latest trend, fad, design, whatever you want to call it. And so we got to make sure that the buyers out there get what they want.

Jeremiah Dalton: 02:40  Let me take you around and show you a little bit of the place. As you could see, it’s pretty much soup to nuts what we have to do. We can keep the sheet rock walls, but outside of that, we’ve got to start over. We’re keeping a bathroom here. We’re going to redo that, but in the meantime, guys need a place to go, so that’s what it is.

Jeremiah Dalton: 02:59   In here, we’re going to tear these beams … these aren’t structural. We’re going to take those down. We’re going to put new flooring, new trim, new slider in here. I’ll show you the garage real quick. You have a big garage here. We’ll do a general cleanup. I’m closing the door and I hit videographer’s face. Sorry about that, Jay. Anyway, we’re going to clean this up, but for the most part, the garage is going to remain as is.

Jeremiah Dalton:  03:28 And then, let me go ahead and show you the upstairs. This is what you would consider at this point a demoed house. We’re now in the phase of restoring the sheet rock, spackling, cleaning it up, obviously taking down whatever remaining walls, but 90% of the demo is complete.

Jeremiah Dalton: 03:49  All right, this is the upstairs part of the house. Let me take you over to the main bathroom, in here. Now this is demoed, all right, so don’t judge just yet. You’ll have your tub there. You’ll have a big vanity over there, and down in that area. And this will be the common bathroom for presumably the kids.

Jeremiah Dalton: 04:10  In here, you got a really nice size master bedroom, and you’ve also got inside a master bath. That also is a big benefit nowadays because … for obvious reasons.

Jeremiah Dalton: 04:25  With this house, basically the scope of work is the following. We’ve got obviously, we’re going to demo the house. We got windows, we got roof, we got siding, we’ve got soffit work. We’ve got a big cleanup in the backyard. There’s a bunch of sheds that aren’t permitted that need to be removed. Then we have a garage that actually needs to permitted, so we’re in the process of doing that.

Jeremiah Dalton: 04:45  Then inside, as I talked about, we’re going to be taking down this wall and create a big open concept. You got pain, you got floors, you got trim. We’ll probably do chair rail, shadowboxes. Really try to brighten the place up. The sheet rock needs a lot of TLC, so we’re going to have plenty of sheet rock work to do. Two and a half bathrooms. Carpet upstairs. And then whatever modifications we need to make along the way.

Jeremiah Dalton: 05:11  So it’s a fairly large scope of work. Like I said, we’ve done a lot more, but this is what I would call advanced cosmetics, where you’re pretty much taking everything and starting over. You’re not doing any structural work. Not necessarily doing much in the way of mechanical work, but all of the cosmetic stuff, whatever the naked eye could see, that’s all getting redone.

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