Timeline & Breakdown Of Selling Your House To Us

How Fast Can You Really Sell Your House? You might be one of those people that have wondered about the process but you need CLEAR answers from an EXPERT. Well, I detail everything in the video before about the timeline and process of selling to an investor. You might be surprised… Here’s the full video … Continued

Rocky Point (House on the Hill) Flip is Sold

So yesterday we sold our Rocky Point “House on the Hill” flip.  Overall this was a very smooth process.  Most of the times, there will be some type of major headache, but to be honest this was not the case here.   All things considered, if every flip was like this, I could probably spend most … Continued

Another Flip Purchased

Last month, our team picked up another flip through our direct marketing campaign in the lovely town of Sound Beach New York.  This particular house fits right into the profile of the type of properties that we buy.  A house in need of work, but in a nice area that would appeal to a young … Continued

Rocky Point Flip on The Market!!

So our Rocky Point flip (aka the House on the Hill) has hit the market. Listed at $289,990 this house was purchased through our direct marketing campaign. Overall this was a pretty smooth rehab.  That said however we went above what I initially projected we would do both in scope of work as well as … Continued

Why Sell to an Investor?

This is often a question I am asked by many.  It’s a fair question and it is something that not only homeowners will ask but also those who are just tangentially interested in the fix and flip business will also ask.  The short answer to this is because it makes the most sense for the … Continued