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Beautiful Rehab In Port Jefferson Station NY

Here’s a unique walk-through of house we rehabbed in Port Jefferson Station NY.

Jeremiah Dalton:  00:05  All right, so now we’re standing outside a flip that’s about to go on the market. This is over on 661 Old Town Road in Port Jeff Station. If any of you know, Old Town is a busier street. With that said, we plan to price the house very competitively and give the opportunity to buyers who for one reason or another, may not be able to afford something above the $300000 price range. So why don’t you come on in and take a look.

Jeremiah Dalton:  00:32   So we’re here at a property that’s just about done. Part of this video tour is to give you a little bit of an overview and see properties that are in different stages, whether the house is completely finished, whether it’s just about done, or in cases where we just started, or maybe dab smack in the middle of a renovation.

Jeremiah Dalton: 00:51  Anyway, so this particular house, unfortunately the seller, she had bad tenants on her hand and we bought the house as is, no obligations, cash offer. We realized that the best and only way to approach this was to start over. So we redid this house basically soup to nuts. The only thing we basically kept was the framing and the foundation. Everything else, electric, plumbing, roof, siding, windows, floor, paint, trim, everything is redone.

Jeremiah Dalton:  01:19   So we’re standing right now in the kitchen. We got a couple of little things left to do. Hook up the appliances, caulk, fill in some cracks here and there and then we’re gonna pretty much add some fixtures to the bathroom and clean the place up and we’re gonna put this house on probably I would say, in the next week or so. So let me give you a little bit of a tour.

Jeremiah Dalton:  01:40   It’s a small house. It’s a popular model for this type of area. So you see this house in one or two configurations. Sometimes they’ve got one big bedroom and then a smaller one. In this case, we felt as though it was best to have three bedrooms. It helps maximize the value. We’re just about done with this house. Couple little things. We got some paint, caulk, some touch-ups to do, add the door on and we’re pretty much done.

Jeremiah Dalton:  02:08   Over here, here in the bathroom, again, we have some caulking, some clean up. We have to add some lighting, vanity, make sure all the plumbing is in order and we’re done. We’ve got two other bedrooms here. This particular model, this model of house sometimes I’ve seen done with one big bedroom and a smaller one and then they utilize the downstairs area as an additional bedroom. In this case, we made three small, but still good size bedrooms. In here, you pretty much got the same thing.

Jeremiah Dalton:  02:40   All right, so now we’re in the lower level of the house. If you’ve seen these houses, you basically, you walk in, you got a couple of steps upstairs to the bedroom. Got a couple of steps downstairs. One or two ways you could take this layout. You could either make it open and make it almost like a big basement area. What we did is to kinda give people the benefit of both worlds is we actually made this another bedroom. But if you want, you could still make this into like a living room/den area. But if you don’t, you still have the closet space, the windows to make it a legal bedroom.

Jeremiah Dalton: 03:11  In here, bathroom, still a couple of finishing touches. Vanity, cleanup, shower doors and we’re pretty much done after that. So these houses, they’re really, really … So if you really look at them, they’re very, very small. But that said, you could easily call this a four bedroom house. Granted, you don’t have as much living space, but for people who are just looking to have a lot of bedrooms and maybe a small amount of living space, it makes sense. This house being in the Comsewogue school district, we’re gonna price this house under $300000 and you’re not gonna really find anything in Port Jeff Station in move-in ready condition for under $300000, so we expect it to go pretty quick.

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